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Linking communities in the UK and India

Our aim is to improve and sustain the quality of life and environment of tribal people in the Nilgiris Hills of South India.


Our Partner The Island Trust

Our partner organisation The Island Trust works closely with communities in a group of villages on a Tamwed-funded project to improve the health of tribal families; help them to tackle the effects of climate change; and promote their rights and their unique culture. We hope that we can prevent migration from their traditional homelands with the resources they and their children need for sustainable, productive lives.


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Climate Change in India

Tamwed Next fund-raising Event

Take a look at our next fund-raising event. Everyone is welcome and all funds raised at the event will improve the welfare of tribal communities in India.

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Covid-19 Appeal

The ISLAND Trust was given special permission to travel to remote tribal villages during the lock down period and subsequently.


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Photos of food and supplies being delivered to members of the Irula, Kurumba and Kota tribes over the weekend. Thanks very much to those who have made donations to make this emergency relief possible. Alphonse Raj from the ISLAND Trust tells us that there are two more remote villages to reach.
We don't often do appeals but this is urgent. Our colleagues in the Nilgiris have been providing emergency food and other items to remote tribal villages during the extended Covid-19 lock down. They are in danger of running out of supplies. We have set up a donations page at Just Giving and would be very, very grateful if you could donate, even a small amount. https://www.justgiving.com/campaign/Covid-19TribalsIndia
Alphonse Raj with staff and volunteers distributing life-saving food at a central point between remote tribal villages yesterday. Some of the cost of this emergency aid is being met from our project budget but we urgently need more funds. The woman in the video is saying a heartfelt thank you.
Alphonse Raj, our project staff and volunteers distributing food yesterday at a central point in the hills. The woman is saying a heartfelt thank you. Some of our project funds are paying for this life-saving help but we need further offers of financial support. Remote tribal communities are missing out on the aid available to those living closer to towns.
The ISLAND Trust is using some of our project budget to purchase and distribute food and other supplies urgently needed by tribal communities who have been isolated by measures to tackle the Covid virus. Thanks to our supporters who have funded this emergency aid.
Our friend and colleague Alphonse Raj has sent this message after a visit to tribal villages after he was allowed to bypass travel restrictions: "Almost all of them are suffering without basic food. It is pathetic to see families surviving on the little rations they got at the beginning of the month. Since the tribal villages that we work with are situated up to 19 kms from the main road they are unable to travel to nearby towns for food and essential goods." Alphonse (in the last photo) has drawn up a list of items needed urgently and we have offered a third (£313) of the cost from our project budget with the remainder coming from local sources.

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