Our Aims for 2020

Our budget for this year is £8,000 which will be subject to an annual reduction as the ISLAND Trust encourages its beneficiaries to become economically sustainable while attracting support from local and national government departments. It is important that any economic progress is not at the expense of indigenous culture and the precious Nilgiri environment.

Specific targets for 2020

1 – Raise awareness about health Issues and link with Government health services to improve provision;

2 – Organise land / development rights training and other campaigns with at least two major events while maintaining constant liaison with government officials;

3 – Develop at least a one-acre organic garden or 15 kitchen gardens in each participating village (or develop 15 acres of community cooperative agriculture) to produce a range of climate-resistant, culinary and medicinal plants for personal consumption and sale;

4 – Undertake a study into traditional usage of indigenous treatment methods and document their knowledge of various herbs and medicinal plants in forests or tribal areas;

5 – Provide water tanks and necessary pipes in some of the neediest villages. Negotiate access to public water supplies for villages from local bodies (panchayats) where this is feasible;

6 – Continue to run 5 sewing centres for unemployed young men and women for skills training and for further employment;

7 – Educate and inform communities about the cause and impact of climate change and introduce climate adaptive agriculture through field tested methods and exposure.